Last week I started digging deeper into My Top 10 List of e-commerce startups in LA. I am going to attempt to pound through the rest of the list during the next week, so tune in.

Today I’ll take a closer look at Shop Hers, the #9 startup on my list. Shop Hers is a marketplace where women can buy and sell premium brand pre-owned clothing and accessories. Shop Hers hasn’t officially launched yet, so some of their product details are still under wraps. In essence, imagine a social-commerce peer-to-peer marketplace where women can view and potentially shop each other’s closets. This level of engagement will create an amount of trust that should add significant value to the peer-to-peer ecosystem. Check out their site when it launches, it will be very interesting from a social-commerce standpoint.

There are several startups working to innovate in the peer-to-peer market, especially around fashion. The one that immediately comes to mind is in NYC. My wife, Natalie, helped out at TheCools earlier this summer and she remains involved remotely as needed, so TheCools is inherently top of mind.

Shop Hers’ team consists of the previous CTO from Shoedazzle, Thanh Khuu, a former Internet Design Manager from Nordstrom, Jenna Stahl, and the previous Head of the New Faces Division for Vision Models, Jaclyn Shanfeld.

The company has received an undisclosed angel amount from Brian Lee (founder of LegalZoom and Shoedazzle), Paige Craig, Mike Hirshland, Shana Fisher, and Ryan Steelberg.

Key Points:

  • Location: Santa Monica, CA
  • Founded: February 2012
  • Launched: Pre-Launch
  • Initial Venture Investment: Undisclosed Angel Round
  • Investors: Brian Lee, Paige Craig, Others