NL logoNice Laundry, a Kickstarter project that ended on April 15, 2013, officially launched its e-commerce site on Monday (Aug 12, 2013). Nice Laundry raised $120K from 2k backers on Kickstarter. The project set a Kickstarter record for a fashion project by gaining 279 backers in the first day.

Nice Laundry is a new men’s socks company that aims to decommoditize the sock buying experience. The company offers “NICE LAUNDRY” branded socks in packs of six, and each pack has a different theme (e.g. Chief, Exec, Ladies Man). Nice Laundry also offers a $99 sock drawer makeover that includes 18 pairs of socks (3 sets of 6). Similar to other recent e-commerce startups, Nice Laundry has an altruistic side – they will pay the postage cost for you to ship your old socks to their chosen sock recycling company.


Nice Laundry was founded by two LivingSocial alums: Ricky Choi and Phil Moldavski. Learn more about their story here.

I just purchased my first pack of six. We’ll see how long it takes for them to cross the pond to London.

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